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Darling Downs Soaring Club would like to extend an invitation to all youthglide nz members and instructors to our annual kiwi week for low-key fun and flying.

Want to experience 25+ degrees days, fly new 2 seaters , thermal up to 10,000 ft, and cross country’s as far as 750km.    Come to Kiwi week.

Darling Downs Soaring Club has been hosting Kiwi week for a number of years. There is fierce rivalry to see which nation wins the Darlingbury Cup.  An informal gathering and competition suited to new solo pilots through to experienced pilots.  This year, the competition will take place from the 30th September to the 5th October.  This time of year is perfect thermal conditions and it’s generally not too hot for people.

Darling Downs Soaring Club is situated near Oakey, about 2.5 hours’ drive from Brisbane.  The club has a 8 room bunkhouse, bar and full kitchen facilities.     If you want something flasher there are motels in Dalby and Oakey a short drive away.

Currently the club has three 2 seater options for hire, a Duo Discus XL, new ASK21 and new DG1001.  Single seaters include a Discus, Jeans and Hornet.    Some local instructors will be available if required.

 Indicative Costs are:

  • Gliding Australia membership ( 1 month ) – $125, juniors $40.  If current GNZ member.
  • Accommodation  $10 per night
  • Towing – $34.00 to 1000 ft plus $1.65 per 100 ft thereafter
  • Glider hire – depends on aircraft.

If you want any more information contact Peter Brunton ( or Matt Brunton (

Bowenville QLD 4404, Australia