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Meet other like minded young pilots from all over the country, develop your gliding skills and most importantly have fun! Mini camps offer something for every young pilot from beginners to experienced.

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YGNZ will promote the concept of holding “Mini Camps” to provide an opportunity to support existing members and helping them stay actively involved in the sport. Mini Camps will also offer an opportunity to introduce potential new members to our sport at gliding sites around the country. Camps will also aim to build positive relationships with host GNZ Clubs.

By support, we mean monetary, supervisory and logistical support over the duration of the camp. Camp duration would typically be 2 – 4 days long as available over traditional public holiday weekends or during school / university holidays

Monetary support could be a dollar for dollar subsidy up to an agreed amount per attendee and up to a maximum number of attendees.

Supervisory support means having a suitably qualified adult take responsibility for the overall administration and operations for the camp. A defined “Job Description” would be used to clarify this role.

Logistical Support means helping arrange suitable gliders and instructors to cater for the flying operations, suitable accommodation in the form of either on-site camping or caravanning if available or off site accommodation at hostels or billets as available. This would be site specific. Catering would be an individual attendees responsibility but ideally, there would be opportunities for group BBQ’s and social activities.

Host a Mini Camp

Youth Glide New Zealand (YGNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation who provide Under 25’s (youth) with education, tuition and training in all relevant skills necessary for gliding in New Zealand. YGNZ also act as an advocate for youth pilots in NZ.x

Mini Camp Starter Pack
Mini Camp Timesheet

Potential Sites

South Island: Alexandra, Omarama, Timaru, (possibly Rangitata Island) Springfield, Omaka and Nelson Lakes.

North Island: Wellington (at their new site at Greytown), Taupo, Hastings, Matamata, Tauranga, Drury and Whenuapai.

These camps would be open to paid up YGNZ members.


Funds raised via YGNZ subscriptions are all targeted for distribution at YGNZ sanctioned camps and will be made available on a per capita basis.

Ideally we would see 5-10 YGNZ members attending a Mini Camp so possible funding might be in the order of $500-1000 towards flying costs.

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Last updated 20 July 2017

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