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Activities & Events

Youth Glide run three types of events annually throughout various locations within New Zealand.

Upcoming events

Youth Soaring Development Camps

The first is our Youth Soaring Development Camp (YSDC). The YSDC is our premier flying event, where around 25-30 young glider pilots come together over 10-days at Omarama each December. We support the attendees financially with a subsidy of their flying costs.

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Mini Camps

The second is our Mini-Camps. Mini-Camps are typically smaller flying events where like-minded young people can come together and go flying. They are held at various times throughout the year and throughout the country and tend to be held over long weekends or school holidays. We support the attendees financially with a subsidy of their flying costs.

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AGM & Social Catch Up

The third is our Annual Social Gathering (Catch-Up?). We are required to have an Annual General Meeting of its members where elections are held for Executive positions and issues concerning young people and gliding are discussed. We have turned this into a weekend event with a number of family-friendly activities in a different gliding-related site throughout New Zealand.

NCEA Programme

Youth Glide New Zealand (YGNZ) is a not-for-profit organisation who provide Under 25’s (youth) with education, tuition and training in all relevant skills necessary for gliding in New Zealand. YGNZ also act as an advocate for youth pilots in NZ.

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What credits are available?

The following credits are available on completion of the following Unit Standards (US):

US 26833 Demonstrate glider ground handling. 3 Credits Level 3
US 26834 Demonstrate glider winch launch as a pilot 1 Credit Level 3
US 26835 Demonstrate glider aero-tow launch as a pilot 1 Credit Level 4
US 26836 Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ A Certificate 6 Credits Level 4
US 26837 Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ B Certificate 5 Credits Level 4
US 26838 Fly a glider to achieve a GNZ QGP Certificate 10 Credits Level 4

Where can I find details on these standards?

The reference for what is required in each of these Unit Standards is found on the NZQA website (www.nzqa.govt.nz)

Once on the homepage, put the Unit Standard number in the search box and from there it brings up the number and title of the Unit Standard. Click on this and it takes you to Framework Search Results and the Assessment Standards and icons for Word and PDF copies of the details.

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Our Major Sponsors

Youth Glide New Zealand is a non profit organisation and without the help of our sponsors and supporters, we could not do the amazing things we do. Click on the logo’s below to see what these wonderful companies and organisations do!