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Winch Launches

The YSDCT Skylaunch Winch is available for winch launching all year round subject to the availability of winch crew. All pilots launching from the Skylaunch Winch must have a current YGNZ Social Membership and have signed the Waiver and Release from Liability Form.

Launch Fees 
Youth: $30.00
Non Youth: $40.00 (must hold a YGNZ Social Membership)

Note: Launch fees do not include the Omarama Airport Company (OAL) landing fees ($15 per launch) and the OAL 5% launch fee.

Social Membership Form
Waiver and Release from Liability Form

Winch Ratings & Training

Don’t have a winch rating or no longer current on the winch? Below is the British Gliding Association (BGA) safe winch launching briefing and wire launching guide.

Contact Us or the Omarama Gliding Club for more information on gaining a winch rating.

BGA Safe Winch Launching

Winch Drivers

Are you interested in learning to drive the winch? We are looking for people interested in learning how to operate the winch and assist in launching gliders throughout the year. No previous flying experience is required. Comprehensive training will be provided by authorised winch driver instructors.

Please Contact Us to register your interest in becoming a winch driver.

Skylaunch Winch Manual

Donate to the Winch

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Please also send an email through our Contact Us page so we can thank you and acknowledge your contribution.

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