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The Youth Glide Winch Project2019-05-09T15:47:50+12:00

The Winch Project

YGNZ is dedicated to growing youth participation in our sport in New Zealand in both the short and long-term. We think the purchase and operation of the Winch will increase the gliding opportunities for the next generation of Young Kiwis, by making the sport more affordable and more sustainable.

Project Background

Ōmārama is home to many YGNZ events including the well-known annual Youth Soaring Development Camp (“YSDC”). Last December marked the 9th YSDC in Ōmārama. The demand from young people to attend these events is increasing with the number attending 2018 YSDC being the biggest yet.

We have generous support from GlideOmarama and Z Energy Aviation that help subsidise the cost of launching at Ōmārama and Air New Zealand, Airways New Zealand, Civil Aviation Authority, Gliding New Zealand and a number of smaller organisations providing general funding. Despite this generous support, the cost of launching gliders by aerotow continues to create a financial challenge for participants, particularly for ab-initio students (those who are just starting) who typically undertake a higher number of short flights.

YGNZ has set a achievable target of growing youth participation in our sport in Aotearoa New Zealand in both the short and long-term. We want to make the sport accessible to those who may not otherwise be able to afford to do, can participate. Reducing the cost associated with launching at Ōmārama will reduce the biggest financial barrier young kiwi’s to participating in the sport.

What is a Winch?

A winch is an engine attached to two drums that can be spun at high speed. A long cable made of a synthetic material called Dynema, is attached to each drum and unravelled to the far end of the runway where the glider is waiting. The winch will pull the cable in rapidly creating tension on the cable which the attached glider can pull against and climb. Still not sure? Think of it as similar to a slingshot but for launching gliders into the sky.

Project Timeline


December 14

Decision to Purchase Winch

The YGNZ Executive launched the winch project.
December 16

Decision made on YGNZ’s contribution

YGNZ agrees to match winch donations dollar-for-dollar up to $80,000 total.
January 29

Winch Quote Received

Skylaunch provide a quotation for winch.
March 6

Article Published & Give A Little Page Setup

YGNZ published an article in the Soaring NZ Magazine and setup a Give A Little page for the project.
May 31

Winch Deposit Due

YGNZ to pay 50% deposit on the winch.
September 1

Winch Ready For Shipping

Winch is completed and ready to be shipped to NZ. Remaining 50% balance to be paid.
November 15

Winch Arrives In New Zealand

Winch arrives in New Zealand from UK and testing commences.
December 1

Winch Operating In Omarama

Winch is now operational at Omarama Airfield.
December 5

Youth Soaring Development Camp 2019

The Youth Soaring Development Camp begins in Omarama.

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