Youth Glide New Zealand launches winch project at Omarama

Youth Glide New Zealand launches winch project at Omarama

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Omarama is home to many YGNZ events including the well-known annual Youth Soaring Development Camp (“YSDC”). Last December marked the 9th YSDC in Omarama. The demand from youth to attend these events is increasing rapidly and the 2018 YSDC was the biggest yet.

We have extremely generous support from Glide Omarama and Z Energy Aviation that helps subsidise the cost of launching at Omarama. Despite this generous support, the cost of aerotowing continues to create a financial challenge, particularly for ab-initio students who undertake a higher number of circuits.

YGNZ has set a target of growing youth participation in our sport in New Zealand in both the short and long-term. With this is mind, the YGNZ Executive decided it was time to think big and think smart as to how we can continue to help build the future of soaring in NZ.

YGNZ has set the goal of having a winch operating at Omarama before the 2019 YSDC.

YGNZ has been working behind the scenes to secure the support of key stakeholders in Omarama. The Omarama Gliding Club, Omarama Airfield Limited and Glide Omarama have agreed to support the project moving forward.

The YGNZ Executive expects the total cost of the project to be approximately $200,000: this includes the purchase, shipment and set-up of the winch and other equipment required for a safe and efficient winching operation. The YGNZ Executive have agreed to provide funds to match any private donation, dollar-for-dollar up to $80,000. In other words, YGNZ will directly contribute up to $40,000.

Find our more information visit The Youth Glide Winch Project Page

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